About Me

Hi, welcome to my site.

My name’s Ricardo Castelhano. I’m a developer turned manager, a coach and a speaker. Currently I’m the Head of Engineering at Rupeal, “a group of people, companies, brands and above all, a culture focused on delivering happiness, excellence, growth and magic to all that, in one way of another, we touch”. Owners of InvoiceXpress (an invoicing SaaS solution) and ClanHR (an human resources SaaS solution).

I see myself as a good communicator,  a fast-learner, that knows how to self-motivate and loves to be a team player. I’m an agnostic technologist and therefore I don’t champion any specific technology.

I’m pursuing a career in the field of technical management and coaching.

I started in 2002 as a professional developer. In 2005 I was already a lead developer and in 2009, I was a team coordinator for a team of 20 developers. During those years I had the pleasure to work in the Digital Media realm for major brands like SuperBock, LG, Nestlé, Smart, Água das Pedras, TMN, CTT among others, and to become a certified Scrum Master.

Before joining Rupeal, I was CTO for log.

“Always share your knowledge”, one of my life’s motto. I’m a certified trainer since 2004 and currently I lecture in some post-graduation courses at IADE, one of Lisbon’s oldest design universities.

In 2005 I initiated my speaker path and since then I’m an invited speaker for Microsoft, Adobe and tech communities’s national and international events. I’m always looking for an opportunity to jump into the stage and share some love.

I would love if you subscribe my blog’s RSS feed and you can find me also on LinkedInTwitter, Quora and Stackoverflow.