Back to the beginning – Murphy’s Law

blacksmith’s house, wooden skewer

In Portugal we have this proverb. As much as I hear this, I will never internalize it properly.

In our field we have one, and only one certainty – What might go wrong, will go wrong.

Is there a developer that never heard of Murphy’s Law? Or that, in a specific sensitive moment, wished with all his body that Murphy could not find him?

I decided to delete, from my hosting, all my ancient projects’ databases. Playing by the book, I made backups in first hand and DROP DATABASE ...

I deleted all databases, except two. I only have two projects in my hosting, my blog and my brother’s blog. I watched in awe an error connecting to database when I tried to access both blogs.

“Ok, I probably mistakenly switched names. Will restore them with my backups.”, so I thought. “Evil” Murphy found me while I was performing the backup operation, because those files were corrupted.

I bet that even you think “that only happens to others”. Yeah, I think the same always, but this time I’m screwed. Let’s start this blog thing from scratch.