Be Impeccable With Your Word

Nowadays, one of the traits that I look for in any element of my teams, is the ability to communicate. But communicating not only verbally or through writing.

What the heck does that mean?

Of course, verbal communication is our primary tool to share information, ideas, concerns, or just some gibberish stuff. In a professional environment, is paramount to communicate in a clear way. There goes the days where someone could make it through the corporate ladder playing the solo player. We belong to a team.

However communication does not starts and ends in a verbal or written medium.

Recently in an article I saw in HIRED titled “4 Engineering Manager Skills to Master for Success“, communication was extended to behaviors.

The best leaders back up their words with behavior that sets the standard for everyone around them.

Napala Pratini

This easily took me back to one of Don Ruiz’s four agreements.

Be Impeccable With Your Word.

Don Miguel Ruiz

Let me share with you what this sentence makes me feel.

There are many eloquent and gifted people in the oratory’s arts. Communicating is second nature to them. But will they follow the trail that they preach? Do they talk-the-talk or walk-the-talk?

Don Miguel Ruiz preaches that everyone should speak with integrity. You have to walk-the-talk. You don’t use the word to speak against yourself.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone communicates without hidden agendas? How much would a team grow if you, instead of spending time with all the corporate politics and gossip, the team would only focus on the challenges they have to address.

To me, this is what I imagine when I see any job offer stating that the candidate should know how to communicate clearly.

Say only what you mean and show with your behaviors that you will be walking-the-talk. Speak with truth and love in your words.

Even when the message is more arsh, go straight to the point, speak the truth, show some radical candor.

People will know what they can count on you. Beware, if you take this advise, a trusty environment is in the making. And in a trusty environment, accountability will happen easily. After all this is one desirable outcome of a good communication.

Napala Pratini wrote that all the best leaders have this trait. I would like to add that everyone are a leader at some point, so this trait is viable to everyone.

So, next time you will communicate with someone, remember to be impeccable with your word.

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