easing a hurricane called TEAM

I had the pleasure to attend the WordPress Oporto’s Meetup. A group of geeks that get together monthly, uninterrupted for 4 years and counting. Travelling to the beautiful city of Oporto is always a pleasure, even if the distance from Lisbon goes past 300km.

easing a hurricane called TEAM

My presentation’s title. This talk starts with a brief travel on some moments of my career as a software developer. With some much needed passages on some “dramas”, which without those, I wasn’t what I am today. Those moments also enabled me to connect with some of the best professionals in the field. Some, I have the pleasure to call friends nowadays.

With them I learned what SCRUM and eXtreme Programming was and, the real importance of a CTO as a human being.

Years gone by, I see myself in that place, leading a software development team in a company that permits the usage of some of those eXtreme Programming best practices.

The second half of my talk goes on those best practices (coding standards, code review, test-driven development, continuous integration, continuous delivery), what they do daily to my team and for my team.

Next November 2nd I will have the opportunity to revisit this presentation, now at Lisbon in the change.log meetup.

Hope to catch you there.

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