SMART – A Smart Way to Define Goals

When it is time to set your goals, think SMART. This easy to grasp framework will help you to increase your goals’ success rate.

This mnemonic will help you validate if your objective is SPECIFIC enough to help you stay in course while struggling some obstacles.

And how to know if you are on the correct path? Your objective should be MEASURABLE, there must be a way to show you loud and clear how much you have traveled and how much you still have on your way.

Ohh, AND is that objective ATTAINABLE? It is important that there are several ways to reach your objective. Leave the impossible stuff for Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible”.

Well, and take me for granted, you have to be REALISTIC. That dream of yours to become the next best football player in the World, when you already have 40 and never played football before? That only happens in your dreams.

And if you love to procrastinate and need some pressure to move forward, remember to set a TIME to fulfill that objective of yours.

Take this framework for a test run and let me know how it goes.

Have some nice fulfillments. Kind regards.

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