SPIDER – the SMART Framework on Steroids

My Coaching and PNL trainer, Pedro Vieira from LifeTraining, taught me a way to bullet proof our SMART goals. He created a new framework – SPIDER – which will add some strong conditions to the already efficient SMART way.

Very well then. You already have your objective well defined using a SMART structure. (if you do not know, yet, what I’m talking about, please read more about it here).

For now, you probably can guess that SPIDER is an acronym, where S stands for SMART. (the rest of the initials stand for Portuguese words, and some the translation does not goes with the correct initial)

Partilhado” (Shared)

Now, it is time to SHARE what your goal is!

We do not want some new years eve resolutions alike, where between cheering and toastings, we declare into the air what we want to achieve. Certainly you have someone to whom you do not want to disappoint.

Yes, it is with that person that you should share your goal. Tell them. But really tell everything. You should explain how do you thought your goal using the SMART framework.


Follow along, your goal have to be really INSPIRING.

To you and to that special person to whom you shared it with. And why should it be inspiring?

Dor” (Pain)

Because when you thought about your goal, it should take you away from the PAIN that you have, and take you to a more pleasurable place.

Depending on what motivates you the most, you may have in your mind the PAIN you want to escape from, or you can have the PLEASURE you want to achieve.

But people are different, so you have to figure out what works best for you. Give it a thought!


Take notice that you are entering a more EMOTIONAL realm.

Yes, your goal must be so powerful that it makes you emotional. Here too, it is not difficult, I see this point with a strong correlation with the escape from pain and the search for pleasure.


Finally, you must REVISIT your objective and carry out the necessary reformulations.

Remember that the path is not linear and without obstacles.

Be flexible!

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